Do I need to stage my house to get it sold?

Do I need to stage my house to get it sold? findwell agent Tamar Baber answers in this installment of Ask an Agent.

Q:  Do I need to stage my house to get it sold?

Staging will always get you a better result when you are going to sell your home. There’s an appropriate level of staging. You don’t need to remove all of your home belongings and have others brought in to stage it. Basically the most important parts are that the home looks clean, that there isn’t too much furniture in the home and a great agent is going to know how to do this. When the home is vacant, yes it’s important to bring some items into the home because it helps the buyer view the room as what the purpose for that room is. It helps give them an idea of how to use the room and helps make the house feel a little bit warmer.

Q: Staging seems really expensive. Do I really need to spend that much money?

You really don’t need to spend a lot of money on staging as a general rule unless it’s a very expensive home. Then the price range will really dictate what you need to spend for staging. But for the most part, small items, seller’s own furniture for the most part works fine. It’s the placement of the furniture, the placement of the décor and pictures that make all the difference.