Customers love findwell’s service so much they buy us cakes!

One of the most rewarding parts about being a real estate agent is handing the keys over to brand-new homeowners. I had the privilege to close a transaction for first-time buyers this week in Woodinville. The transaction was a short sale, and it was the most challenging and messy transaction we have done in the past year. I was convinced on three separate occasions that it would never close, yet after three months of seemingly insurmountable hurdles, we closed this week. Needless to say, the buyers are elated with their new home.

In a most unexpected show of gratitude, they brought me a findwell cake when we met at the house to hand them the keys. I was surprised and humbled by the gesture and am very happy that our customer service exceeded their expectations.

Cake from a happy findwell customer

“Thanks to your tenacity and hard work, we are new homeowners!”

I can think of no stronger customer endorsement of our real estate services. We look forward to exceeding more customer expectations in the future (and receiving more tasty cakes!)