findwell is a Proud Sponsor of This Year’s Fireworks in Seattle

Seattle’s 4th of July fireworks show on Lake Union is coming up tomorrow. Back in April, the show was actually cancelled after the organizers could not find a corporate sponsor to replace Chase Bank, who discontinued their sponsorship of the event. At the last minute, a group of local businesses, including findwell, banded together to save the only remaining 4th of July fireworks show in Seattle.

Explosions over Seattle II

On April 1, the news was out that the Seattle fireworks show was cancelled due to lack of sponsorship. We were goofing around with an April Fool’s Day post for our blog, and jokingly said that we would stage our own scaled-down version of the fireworks. At the same time, Dave Ross was talking about the demise of the fireworks show on his talk show on KIRO radio. In a moment of spontaneity, local chef Tom Douglas called in and pledged $5,000 to keep the show going. Suddenly there was a grass-root campaign to come up with the funds, and within 24 hours, 100 local businesses had contributed enough to save the show. We decided to participate as one of the sponsors to give something back to the community that supports us.

Independence Day offers a chance to celebrate the freedoms and opportunities that are available to us here. It is also a chance to gather with friends and family and simply enjoy the show. We are proud that we were able to contribute to keep this community event together, and encourage you to support the other local businesses that stepped up to save the show. Enjoy the show Seattle!