findwell launches iPhone app – allows buyers to see inside of any home

Seattle – April 1, 2012 – Seattle real estate broker findwell announced the availability of their new iPhone app named xHome today. The app allows the mobile home buyer to instantly find listing prices, home information, past sales and school information. Also, xHome allows you to see inside of any home, even when it is not listed for sale, showing floor plans, finishes and colors.

Instant, magical information when you’re standing in front of any house

By simply standing in front of the home, xHome uses the iPhone’s location sensors to figure out exactly which house you’re looking at. Combining data from public records, MLS listing feeds and findwell’s proprietary databases, xHome can instantly show you when the house was built, square footage, and previous sale information. If the home is for sale or recently sold, we’ll show the listing or sale price, a listing price history and gobs of luscious photos.

xHome also uses a new patent-pending, low-impact x-ray attachment to peer through exterior walls. Similar to a camera flash, the rays emitted by the attachment are reflected to the iPhone camera interface, which allows the iPhone to render interior photos with surprising depth and clarity.

xHome interior view

“Home shopping can be a frustrating experience,” says findwell CEO Kevin Lisota, “Homes listed for sale often have misleading photos and arranging a home tour with your agent for every home that you’re interested in is just too cumbersome. Compounding these problems is that there are so few homes on the market right now, so it is difficult to find comparable homes to gauge an accurate value for the home you are buying. xHome solves this problem by allowing you to view the inside of any home at any time with just a click of a button.”

Low-impact x-rays + iPhone processing power = stunningly accurate interior images

xHome takes advantage of new advances in x-ray sensing technology. While most x-rays penetrate all the way through the home, a small percentage are reflected back to the iPhone’s camera which is sensitive to both visible and invisible electromagnetic waves. Minute differences in the reflected rays provide data that can not only convey depth to the interior images of the home, but can also be used to accurately colorize the images. The result is a photo-realistic view of the home’s interior, without ever having set foot inside.

The xHome attachment does emit a low dose of ionizing radiation that penetrates the exterior and interior walls of the home, but it is uni-directional away from the user. The rear of the sensor is also lead-shielded for an added measure of safety.

xHome x-ray attachment

“The highly sensitive camera on the iPhone allows us to use a very small dose of radiation to get our images, and most construction materials reflect the rays quite nicely,” says Lisota. “We believe that the app falls below the radiation levels that require FDA approval, and if there happen to be occupants in the home, their exposure is quite small, much like getting a dental x-ray or two. We believe that the technology is very safe, though don’t advise standing in front of the iPhone when the xHome attachment is active, at least not repeatedly.”

Privacy first

The xHome app was built with privacy in mind. Face recognition advances allow the app to automatically detect occupants of the home and obscure their faces prior to images being rendered.

xHome privacy filter

“findwell is all about radical transparency for the home shopper,” says Lisota, “but seeing who’s inside doesn’t affect the value or quality of the home’s interior, so we made sure to block them out. We believe we’ve put the power of accurate, unhindered home evaluation in the hands of the consumer with this new app.”

Download xHome and order your x-ray attachment today

The xHome app is free to download from the iTunes App Store. Upon first registration, you’ll be asked to enter your shipping details and a credit card for shipment of the xHome x-ray attachment. Cost of the attachment is $10, but if you end up buying or selling a home with a findwell agent, the cost of the x-ray attachment will be refunded at the time of closing.

Download xHome from the App Store