findwell launches Offer Enhancer to help home buyers win bidding wars

Seattle – April 1, 2015 – Seattle real estate brokerage findwell announced a new program for home buyers today called Offer Enhancer, helping buyers to craft offers that have a dramatically better chance of winning a bidding war. Winning a bidding war for a hotly-contested home isn’t always about the highest price, and home buyers who work with a findwell agent will now benefit from offers that have a stronger emotional appeal to sellers and a much greater chance of success.

The rebound in the Seattle housing market has been dramatic over the last couple of years, and anyone trying to buy a home will recognize the struggles of competitive bidding. Inventory of homes for sale remains low, homes are selling very quickly and it is not uncommon to have to bid against 5-10 other bidders in the first days that a home is on the market. “Our home buyers are willing to write offers over asking price, but are still losing out and are frustrated,” said findwell CEO Kevin Lisota. “Selling a home is both a financial and emotional process for home sellers, so we wanted to introduce a way for our buyers to really improve the emotional pull of their offer. We think we’ve found the solution with Offer Enhancer.”

The emotional key to winning a bidding war

When there is a bidding war on a home with multiple bids, often there are a number of offers with very similar prices and terms, in which case sellers need to decide which buyer they like best based on other factors.

Sellers who have lived in a home for a long time are often very emotionally attached to the home, particularly if they’ve raised a family or had other significant life events there. They want to feel that the house is being passed along to folks who will have similar experiences there. The savvy home buyer will appeal to these emotions by writing a letter to the seller about why they love the house and how it would be perfect for their family. Highlighting a new baby or the family pet can be particularly compelling.

What if a buyer doesn’t have a new child, pet or compelling story to tell? That is where findwell’s new Offer Enhancer program comes in.

Offer Enhancer Success Stories

It’s hard for a seller to say no to a family with a cute new baby, but not all buyers have one or even want one. Using findwell’s new Offer Enhancer program the youngest members of the findwell team will happily join you for a family photo. Here are some examples of successful home buyers who have utilized the new service to get the house they wanted.

family on couch
Harry and Sally were able to land the mid-century modern home of their dreams with the help of findwell agent Holly



couple on fence
findwell agent Emmy was key for Todd & John to beat out 15 other offers on their turn-of-the-century Craftsman home purchase


Offer Enhancer Agent Roster

findwell’s littlest agents are ready to help you at a moment’s notice to make your offers stand out. Contact us today.

findwell agent Bernard
findwell agent Emmy
findwell agent Greta
findwell agent Holly
findwell agent Emma