findwell raises round of funding and secures strategic investment

Seattle real estate startup findwell is proud to announce that it has secured its next round of financing led by Shannon Ressler. Existing findwell investor Kevin Lisota also participated in the round. Today’s funding announcement is a series-SK round of funding of an additional $41.73.

According to CEO Kevin Lisota, findwell plans to use the additional capital to expand its ability to deliver extremely high levels service to home buyers and sellers. “We identified two key bets for this round of funding,” said Lisota. “We have been writing a lot of offers for home buyers lately and ran out of copy paper. When visiting OfficeMax, Shannon forgot to bring her company credit card and decided to invest an additional $39.23 of her own funds to continue to scale our infrastructure.” Lisota’s additional capital contribution of $2.50 was used to expand field operations when he fed a parking meter while touring homes in Seattle.

findwell is also pleased to announce a strategic investment made today by Estately CEO Galen Ward. At a lunch meeting between these Seattle real estate startups, Ward identified a strategic investment opportunity when findwell CEO Lisota was short $10 for his burger and fries. “At a time when the real estate market is struggling, findwell continues to grow. I was excited to spot them $10 for a tasty burger to help them become a market leader in the $1 trillion residential real estate industry,” said Ward.

As part of the investment, Ward joins findwell’s board of directors. “Ward’s technical savvy and expertise in online real estate search are a perfect fit for us,” says findwell CEO Lisota. “Not only does he share our affinity for a juicy burger, but his thinking will help us find our “secret sauce” to become the next big thing in the real estate industry. I neglected to mention to Galen that we do not actually have a board of directors, but we will still accept his “burger-loan” mentoring until we pay him back his 10 bucks.”

findwell is also planning to raise another round of funding on Tuesday when it sells yet another home in Seattle. “We are starting to lose count of these funding rounds as we sell more and more homes,” says Lisota. findwell plans to use next week’s round of funding to purchase a mere 10 lines of code from the real estate search developers at Estately. “In addition to writing elegant code, Estately takes the extra step to coat each line of code with platinum. Platinum prices on the commodities market have risen ~75% this year, driving the price of Estately code to over $500/line, so we need next week’s funding round to procure these snippets of pure coding genius.”

This financing round and strategic investment caps a year of findwell growth:

  • Revenue and home sales volume has increased 3.5x over 2008
  • findwell launched a major update to its real estate search, powered by Estately technology
  • 2009 will mark the first profitable year for findwell
  • Traffic to the website is up 500% over the previous year

findwell is headquartered in Seattle and currently serves home buyers and sellers in the Puget Sound region. For more information and commentary from the findwell team, follow the findwell blog at