Findwell Real Estate steps up to replace cancelled Seattle fireworks show

Earlier this week, it was announced that Seattle’s Lake Union fireworks show for July 4th had been cancelled. The organizer of the event announced that it has not been able to find a title sponsor for this year’s event. All of that changed today, when local startup Findwell Real Estate decided to host its own Lake Union fireworks extravaganza.

According to CEO Kevin Lisota, findwell couldn’t bear the thought of the Fourth of July in Seattle without fireworks. “I’ve lived here more than 10 years, and look forward to the Lake Union fireworks every single year. We value our involvement in the community, and felt this was a way that we could give back to all of the residents in Seattle. We can’t imagine Seattle without a premier fireworks show on Independence Day.”

With their nearby office in South Lake Union, findwell reportedly plans to stage its own show on Lake Union. They plan to apply shortly for a fireworks permit from the Seattle Parks Department, which apparently isn’t too difficult to obtain.

Lake Union Fireworks

Image by TrevinC via Flickr

findwell announced that it intends to keep with the spirit and format of fireworks shows from years gone past. “Shooting the fireworks from a barge in Lake Union offers a perfect vantage point for hundreds of thousands of viewers, along with the stunning backdrop of downtown Seattle. We plan to provide a great show, with stunning aerial fireworks and ground displays, all synchronized to a musical soundtrack like before,” said Lisota.

Details are still slowly emerging, but findwell is a small startup company, so some of the features of this year’s Lake Union fireworks will be scaled down compared to years prior. Here is the current plan for the show:

  1. Fireworks barge – findwell plans to shoot off their fireworks from a watercraft in the same location as the barge from previous years. Reportedly they will be using their friend’s 19-foot aluminum bass boat.
  2. Aerial show – findwell plans for a dazzling aerial show to include:
    1. 150 “whistling” bottle rockets
    2. 20 roman candles
    3. 15 rockets, traveling as high as 50 feet, some with patterns like smiley faces and hearts!
  3. Ground display – The ground display will be easily seen on the bass boat launch platform and will include:
    1. Hundreds upon hundreds of “black cat” firecrackers
    2. 10 smoke bombs
    3. A few really large black snakes (you know, like the ones you lit as a child)
    4. Synchronized hand-held sparkler display from volunteers on the neighboring sail boat.
  4. Music soundtrack – The launching of the fireworks will be synchronized with a custom soundtrack to be broadcast via an iPod and a pair of pretty powerful speakers. The hundreds of thousands of attendees can download the soundtrack via a podcast prior to the event to listen along.
  5. Grand finale – Organizers remain secretive about the content of the grand finale, but claim that it will be “really special,” possibly interspersed with a handful of very loud M-80s to really please the crowd.
  6. Crowd participation – findwell plans to involve the crowd in this year’s fireworks display, reportedly handing out hundreds of sparklers and also some hand-held flags to wave during the show.

“We’re glad that we are able to help out the residents of Seattle with a stellar Fourth of July show,” said Lisota. “We’re still just a small real estate company, but if we sell some more houses this spring, we may yet be able to add to these festivities for July 4. Personally I’d love to have one of those rockets that explodes and looks like Saturn with the rings, but those are pretty expensive.”

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