Home Seller Hall of Shame – Entry 2

There are no pictures for today’s entry in the Hall of Shame. However, I came across the craziest of showing restrictions on a listing today. There is a home listed in Bellevue for under $250k, which is an exceptionally low price for this area. It isn’t the most exciting of ramblers, but at that price, I’m sure there will be lots of competition for it.

My clients expressed interest in seeing the home, but when I called for an appointment, I was told that the one hour showing period was already over. In order to see this home, you needed to be there between 9AM-10AM on just a single Thursday! They refuse to entertain any other showings, even though I have a buyer ready to make an offer! These sellers are in distress and are selling the home as a short sale, so I recognize that it isn’t fun to go through the process of selling a home where you lose money. However, you can’t possibly maximize your exposure to the market when the only showing is for one hour at 9AM on a weekday!

If you are a seller, you need to maximize buyer accessibility to your property, particularly if the home is priced aggressively enough to bring out competing offers.