Home Seller Hall of Shame – Entry 6

When you are selling your house, you want to make the home attractive to potential buyers and present it in such a way that they can picture the home as their own. Many sellers will professionally stage a home, as evidenced by the following “staging” we have recently come across.

Staging Example 1 – Gift Wrap Your Home

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts, particularly when wrapped with a bow? These porcelain “gifts” are yours if you purchase this home.



Staging Example 2 – Show Off Your Impressive Knick-Knacks

In a nod to the heavy concentration of Microsoft employees in our region, this seller left only these three knick-knacks behind to spice up their vacant condo. Two of them are Microsoft “Ship-It” Awards, while the third is a clock they received for 5 years of service at the company. As you can imagine, this sort of sparse decoration made a huge difference to our buyers!

MSFT knick-knacks

Staging Example 3 – Accent the “Impressive” Features of Your Home

This home has an elaborate fireplace and mantel. What better place to put accents than on this mantel! From afar, we see something resting on the mantel. What could it be?


Zoom in a little closer and we find this fireplace is wonderfully adorned with a small plastic bird and a half roll of toilet paper. Very classy!


Stay tuned to the “Home Seller Hall of Shame” for future examples of excellent home selling techniques!