Where and how to dispose of hazardous waste in Seattle.

Hazardous Waste

Preparing to sell your home or just doing some spring cleaning? If you’re like me, I recently cleaned out my garage and was left with a slew of “stuff” I knew I shouldn’t put in the garbage but didn’t quite know what to do with; various household cleaners, paint, batteries, tiki-torch oil, and garden chemicals. The Local Hazardous Waste Management Program of King County came to my rescue!

This program works with residents and businesses throughout King County to reduce the use of, and exposure to, hazardous products and waste. It also helps to ensure the proper disposal of hazardous waste through several drop-off locations around the sound, as well as a seasonal “wastemobile” traveling throughout the area.

Their website is full of great information with tips for dealing with products in your home. It details exactly what a hazardous product is and provides a list of alternative safer choices. The program also provides information about natural landscaping and pesticides, resources for keeping your children and pets safe, school programs, and how to prepare your home for potential natural disasters.

Visit their website to learn more about keeping your home, family, and community a little safer!