Build your dream kitchen online

Many of you probably fantasize about a fancy new kitchen in your house. You know, something to do away with the avocado appliances and yellow Formica counter tops from the 1970’s! While it won’t help you budget for the project, there are a number of fun online tools that you can use to design that perfect kitchen.

kitchenHere are a few of the fun tools we’ve found for your kitchen-planning project.

  • IKEAHome Planner – This CAD-like tool allows you to visualize your kitchen in 2D or 3D. You can start with a pre-designed room, or draw your own, complete with windows, doors and the correct measurements. Naturally you can outfit your new kitchen with the perfectly-sized IKEA fixtures and furniture.
  • Lowe’s Virtual Room Designer – The interface here is quite similar to the one from IKEA, and they’ve got designs for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms to boot.
  • Home Depot Virtual Kitchen – Once again, a similar CAD interface to IKEA and Lowe’s. You can choose a kitchen by style, layout or brand. They also have a handy counter top estimator tool.
  • Pulte Homes Kitchen Studio Tool – A little simpler than the previous one, this tool allows you to visualize colors and finishes for walls, trim, cabinets, floors and coutertops for a variety of pre-configured kitchen layouts. A quick and easy tool if you want to find what sort of color combos you like best.

Know of any other fun kitchen planning tools out there? Let us know about them in the comments.