Clear that overgrown yard with a herd of goats

Steep slopes and overgrown thickets of blackberries and brush are the bane of homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Most folks will hire a team of landscapers who may even have to bring in machinery to help with the task, but why not hire a herd of goats to get the job done?

rent a ruminant

Goats have a remarkable ability to eat most plants, including the dreaded blackberries, horsetail and ivy. They are also remarkably nimble and not deterred by very steep slopes. In fact, they can access terrain that machinery often cannot. They do their job quietly and do not leave behind piles of debris that need to be hauled away.

You may occasionally come across a herd of goats clearing brush alongside public roadways. As a homeowner, you can hire these same herds for yourself. Rent-A-Ruminant is one such company in the Seattle area you could check out. Sounds like an eco-friendly and fun way to get rid of that pesky brush!