Follow police activity in your Seattle neighborhood – Tweets by Beat

Ever seen a cop car cruising your quiet Seattle neighborhood? If you’re like me, you may be tempted to fire up a police scanner to find out what is happening. For those of you on Twitter, the Seattle Police Department has another option called Tweets by Beat.

Tweets by Beat breaks the city down into its 51 police beats, each with its own Twitter feed. You can subscribe to the feed for your neighborhood and follow the latest police dispatches to see what’s going down.

The tweets are actually delayed by one hour to protect active investigations and prevent too many gawkers, and certain crimes like sexual assault and domestic violence calls are not shown to protect victims.

Definitely a useful tool to keep an eye on crime in your neighborhood. Since you probably aren’t aware of the police district you live in, go to the Tweets by Beat website and enter your address. It will give you exactly the feed you should be following.