findwell’s commitment to the real estate industry

With the recent launch of findwell, we began a journey to try to do something a little different in the real estate industry. We are not the first to go down this path, and we have to give credit to companies like Redfin for leading the way. Our desire to provide full service brokerage with vastly lower commissions, plus the unconventional approach of paying our agents a salary is bound to ruffle a feather or two in the real estate industry.

findwell logoControversy about our business model will be inevitable, and we welcome the debate since it will ultimately benefit consumers. However, we don’t want the debate to get in the way of the most important part of our business, which is helping folks buy and sell their homes. Despite our philosophical differences, we want to be a valued and respected company in the local real estate market. We wanted to share our commitments to the real estate industry.

  1. Our clients come first – Our obligation to our clients always comes first. We will relentlessly protect the interests of our clients and will be tough but fair negotiators on their behalf.
  2. Our agents are experienced professionals – We strive to hire experienced, professional agents. Your experience working with a findwell agent on the other side of a transaction will be the same or better than working with other professional agents in your market.
  3. We do our part of the work  –  Our business model does not involve passing agent responsibility to the other agent or to our clients. We get paid our commission to do our half of the work in a transaction.
  4. Communication is essential – Communication is what makes for smooth transactions. We strive to be strong communicators throughout a transaction.
  5. We respond to feedback – Agent feedback on listings is an important part of the business. We seek feedback from agents who show our listings, and we return the favor when listing agents call us about our showings.
  6. We value teamwork with agents – Closing a transaction is time consuming and requires the cooperation of both agents. If there is a scheduling conflict and we need to show your buyers one of our listings, we are happy to do so. We hope that you will return the favor when we have an occasional conflict and need a showing to occur.
  7. Open and respectful – At times, our debates with the real estate industry will be heated. We will be open and honest in our arguments but will always be respectful of those who we are debating.

I take these commitments seriously and require our agents to do the same. If you work with us on a transaction and feel we are not upholding our commitments, I haven’t done my job and I want to hear from you.