Where to get Seattle rental & apartment statistics

Are you an investor in any apartment buildings in Seattle? Or maybe you are aspiring to purchase a multi-family investment property? If so, having accurate and current statistics on rental rates and trends is critical to your success and investment decisions.

Dupre & Scott Rental ReportDupre & Scott Apartment Advisors is a local research firm who tracks rental trends in Seattle for apartments. They regularly publish reports about rental vacancy, sales, expenses and rent trends, including forecasts on where things are headed in King and Snohomish counties. (Actually I think they also cover Pierce, Kitsap & Thurston counties for larger complexes.) Unlike a lot of the guesstimates out there, they cull this data from direct surveys of landlords.

The reports they produce are not free, but I’m not aware of any other source that has this level of depth and accuracy on the Seattle apartment market. I’ve been a subscriber to their reports for many years, and would recommend them to any investor as the best local source of primary research in our area.

If you own rental properties, you can participate in their surveys and will receive a summary report of their findings. In particular, the “Rent & Vacancy Survey of 1-19 unit properties” is underway right now. Here is a link to the survey, which needs to be filled out by April 20, 2013 to receive this year’s results.