9-year old Belltown high-rise building to be torn down

In a case of building design and inspection gone horribly wrong, the McGuire Apartment building, a major high-rise apartment building in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, is going to be torn down only 9 years after being built. Here is a snippet from the Seattle Times report on the issue.

“Hundreds of residents and business owners who live and work in a modern, 25-story Belltown apartment building were told over the weekend to move out as soon as possible because of major structural flaws found in the building.

The building owner, a Seattle-based venture formed by pension funds and the local carpenters union, said it plans to demolish the high-rise.

The entity, Carpenter’s Tower, said it is too expensive to fix all the problems at the 272-unit McGuire Apartments at Second Avenue and Wall Street. Defects include corroding and rusting cables, defective reinforcements in the building’s exterior concrete and structural problems, the company said in a news release.”

Such structural issues are unheard of for a modern building built less than 10 years ago and makes you wonder what the construction crews and building inspection companies were thinking during the construction process.