Seattle’s New Westlake Avenue N Cycle Track Project

If you find yourself traveling on Westlake Avenue along Lake Union in the next several months you will notice some construction activity as the city embarks on the Westlake Cycle Track Project. This project’s mission is to create a safe and scenic route for bikers traveling from the Fremont bridge to South Lake Union. Nearly 1 million bicyclists travel this route annually – many of whom cut through the parking lots lining Westlake Ave creating a safety hazard for pedestrians, drivers and themselves.


The track will provide two, split lane bike tracks with a designated path for pedestrians and 18 formal pedestrian crossings, all while preserving 90% of the existing parking spots offered along Westlake. After years of deliberation, design-committee meetings and data analysis, Phase One of the project is currently under way.

For more information about the project or for construction updates visit: