Can you reach your agent?

Being a real estate agent can mean being on call during all days of the week. You never know when your buyer is going to find the property they want, and you never know when your seller may receive an offer. Sometimes the offer process happens at inconvenient times, and I’m sure that most agents have received the “evil eye” from their significant other when business calls spill into personal time. Actually, one of my best transactions came together at 7PM on New Year’s Eve!

dialingWhen interviewing a potential real estate agent, it is critical that you and other agents are able to reach them quickly. Everyone has a personal life and other business matters that will sometimes get in the way, but you want an agent who responds quickly to offer situations and recognizes that “time is of the essence” for real estate contracts.

We see a surprising number of agents who hide their number from other agents in our MLS. This requires you to phone their office during business hours, always resulting in a transfer to their voicemail system. These agents are usually slow to call you back. Guess what, if I am phoning an agent, it is usually because I am hoping to put together a deal with their client. I fail to see why an agent wouldn’t want to receive such a call!

  1. Will you be reachable during the evenings and weekends if I need to write or receive an offer?
  2. If you are busy, do you have team members you can turn to if something urgent comes up?
  3. Do you publish your cell phone number to other agents? If not, why not?
  4. How do you balance your time when working with multiple client offers at the same time?

If your agent is unwilling or lax about being reachable after business hours, find yourself another agent. You don’t want to miss opportunities just because your agent is afraid of solicitor calls.