Should I leave my home on the market during the holidays?

fireplace Next week is Thanksgiving which is the start of the holiday season. The holidays are historically a slow time for real estate sales. It is also a stressful time with many family events and time demands. It can be tempting to avoid the stress and anxiety of keeping your home on the market during the holidays, but we believe that taking your home off the market is a mistake.

I wrote a recent post about taking your house off the market when it isn’t selling. Our advice to sellers is to maintain an consistent, sustained marketing campaign, even in slow times. I encourage you to read that post and will offer a few more holiday-specific tips.

  1. There are buyers out there – While listing traffic will almost certainly be down, there are people who use the free time around the holidays to search for a home. The buyers looking at this time of year tend to be more serious buyers, as casual lookers simply don’t have the time to spare.
  2. Inventory will be down – There are many sellers who avoid listing or take their homes off the market during this time of year. This will mean less competition for your home.
  3. Your home looks great  – With holiday decorations, holiday baking and family gatherings, chances are that your home looks its best during this time of year. Why not take advantage of this and try to impress your prospective buyers.
  4. Middle of the school year – Relocating families might want to make the move during the holidays to be in synch with the calendar at their children’s new school.
  5. People have time – While family life may be busy, the holidays offer time away from work and less work demands. This can often make it easier for spouses to find time to view homes together and also makes it easier to have time to assemble an offer.

I personally sold a multi-unit development during the holidays. Showing traffic was slow, and it felt like I was wasting my time with all of my marketing efforts during that time of year. However, I received an offer on the day before Thanksgiving AND another one on Christmas Eve. Was I surprised? You bet I was! It proved to me the points I outlined above, and I’ll never look at the holiday season the same way again.