Wondering what sort of light a particular house will get? This app can help

Lots of home buyers want to know how much light a home gets, and it is impossible to evaluate a home’s sunlight at all times of the day and in various seasons without actually living there. Luckily for home buyers and real estate agents, there’s an app that can help. Sun Surveyor allows you to visualize where the sun (and moon) will rise and set, along with visualizing the sun’s path across the sky on various days of the year.

Sun SurveyorCurious about when the sun will shine through a particular window? Or maybe you want to know how much sunlight certain parts of the home will get in the morning? Just point your device and set the time/date you’re interested in. Sun Surveyor uses the sensors on your device to give you an instant augmented reality view of the sun’s path.

The app is particularly handy in latitudes like Seattle where the path of the Sun varies pretty significantly between summer and winter. It is also great for planning photos or even eyeballing garden and landscape areas.

Sun Surveyor is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones & tablets. Check out the iOS version in the App Store or on Google Play.