Zillow + iPhone – A Real Estate Combination I Could Not Resist

zillow findwell is featured today on TechFlash, a news site about the technology industry in Seattle. I have been a loyal Windows Mobile user ever since I was a product manager on the team that launched the original Windows Mobile devices in 2002. However, I was lured to an iPhone because of the Zillow real estate app.

As a real estate broker, I need access to as much information about homes as possible, preferably when I am out in the field touring or showing homes. While I can get a lot of information about active listings by logging in to our MLS database from my phone, that doesn’t provide me with details on all of the other homes in the neighborhood. With the Zillow App, they have made this easy. The phone uses GPS to locate where I am at any given moment. It then draws a map with all of the surrounding homes on it. Zillow is able to pull data from tax records showing the configuration and size of each home in the neighborhood, along with sale records of what each home has previously sold for. Homes listed for sale on Zillow will show photos and agent contact information as well. In addition, you also can get a quick estimate of current property values through their Zestimate.

If you are a real estate agent or just in the market to buy a new home, I encourage you to check out the Zillow App. I think it is a great addition to your “online toolbox” of information about real estate and is super useful when you are out viewing homes.