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    Bought a single family home in 2017 for $523,000 in Snohomish, WA.

    We moved to Seattle in Dec 2016, in the middle of a meteoric and insanely difficult housing market for buyers (still rising as of nine months later). We contacted Adam initially based on positive online reviews, and couldn’t have been more satisfied with the process. While the process of homebuying was much more difficult than we’d imagined, based on the levels of competitiveness, Adam gave us excellent guidance, unflagging availability, and deep knowledge about a really wide range of homes that we looked at. Particular high points were helping us extricate ourselves from a seller who ended up behaving in a really sketchy manner after we’d made an offer, and in helping us find ways to make competitive offers in a market where we were regularly outbid by many tens of thousands over the asking prices. I hope we’re in our new home for a long time, but if we were to move, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Adam again or give him anything but the highest recommendation

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    Bought a single family home in 2017 for $530,000 in Shoreline, WA.

    My wife and I worked with Tamar to purchase our first home and really can’t say enough good things about her. She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of several months). She answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Tamar made it as painless and straightforward as possible. We highly recommend her.

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    Bought a condo in 2017 for $240,000 in kirkland, WA.

    Working with Adam Montgomery at Findwell exceeded any of my expectations. As a first time homebuyer, I was not familiar with the terminology or the best process people to involve. Right away Adam was incredibly friendly and took time to sit down with my partner and I to determine what would be a good fit for us. He even recommended a lending agent in the area, which we ended up using and greatly appreciated.

    Adam was willing to meet us late in the evening to view our condo and put together the offer letter within a couple days of our first meeting. He was very helpful in explaining the entire process and really relieved my stress level even though we were on a very tight timeframe. I truly believe his expertise helped tremendously in our offer getting accepted. I highly recommend Adam!

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    Sold a single family home in 2017 for $615,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Tamar helped me sell an investment property.  She came to our first meeting enthusiastic and well prepared, and every interaction I had with her after that was the same.  She proposed an efficient sale process, arranged for the staging and photographs, gave me good and thoughtfully critical advice on finishing the house.   The sale went very well–she brought in 9 offers, all way above asking price.  I can’t wait to work with her again.

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    Bought a single family home in 2017 for $650,000 in Seattle, WA.

    We had a great experience working with Tamar. I couldn’t believe how responsive she was to all of our requests and questions, and she knew far more than we ever hoped to about the process of buying a home.

    She knew the area very well, but we happened to know the particular area that we were looking in even better because we already lived there. 🙂

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    Bought a single family home in 2017 for $649,000 in Seattle, WA.

    When we found out we were relocating to Seattle, we were thrilled! And then terrified by real estate horror stories: bidding wars, prices skyrocketing, and properties selling for way above asking price. How could we possibly figure this out, as non-local first-time homebuyers?

    Findwell was our first step–we loved their neighborhood guides so much that we looked into the agency and found a wealth of positive reviews. Findwell answered the phone right away and set us up with Adam Montgomery, who was so helpful to us in understanding the process. He was always available to us, day and night (and was so quick to get documents to us during negotiation!)

    Adam was out of town during our first visit, but he arranged for both Matt and Tamar to show us around–both were wonderfully kind and helpful. Adam met with us on follow-up trips and was always in touch while we were looking at properties. He was happy to check them out for us and send us all the info, and was so helpful with lender recommendations and inspectors for the property.

    It was a crazy ride, but we were able to buy a beautiful home in our price range and even in the neighborhood we loved the best! We definitely could not have done this without Adam, and he really took care of us well during the negotiation, closing, and even after closing. We hope that we will be in this home for many years to come, but when it is time to move again, we will definitely call Adam! We recommend him and Findwell so very highly.

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    Bought a condo in 2016 for $385,000 in Seattle, WA.

    I’m a naturally skeptical person, especially about the real estate market. Nevertheless, I was sufficiently clueless about home buying that I had no choice but to work with an agent. My partner dug up Adam and Findwell, and I grudgingly went along despite suspicions that the reviews sounded too good to be true. I was won over pretty quickly for all of the reasons noted above (see the many stars). Mostly though, I got the strong sense that he was working to get me and my partner something we’d be happy with for the best possible price. He was quite responsive and patient with talking us through the reams of paperwork. The times he said we’d probably get out-bid, we did. In the end he talked us down a bit, and saved us a heap.

    In short we’re quite pleased with our experience with Adam and Findwell.

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    Bought a single family home in 2017 for $889,950 in Seattle, WA.

    Matt Martel at Findwell helped me through the process of buying my first home. Going in to the process I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted and what buying a home is like – but it wasn’t “quite” as simple as I thought.

    Matt may be the most patient person I know; he’s completely open to hearing what you have to say and continues to listen whole heartedly when the next day you’re saying something completely different. This ain’t his first rodeo and he seems to understand the flip flopping first time buyers go through. He seemed to always be available for my questions and sync ups when I was feeling under water.

    Throughout the whole process I felt like Matt had my back and he even caught an error in the closing documents that no one else saw that saved me a bunch of money. I felt like Matt knew what was going on at all times in the closing process so I was confident he wasn’t going to let me miss any deadlines and we ended up finalizing in record time.

    I couldn’t recommend him enough for anyone looking for some peace of mind when buying a home!

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    Bought a condo in 2016 for $245,000 in Kirkland, WA.

    We just purchased our 1st home in the US with the assistance of this amazing professional.

    Adam was always responsive and patient even at weekends and late evenings.
    No matter how many questions we’ve asked!

    He instructed me in the negotiation phase and saved me tens of thousands of dollars, I am so happy I followed everything he said.

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    Bought a condo in 2016 for $619,950 in Seattle, WA.

    I found Matt Martel (with Findwell) online through yelp and other reviews, and he helped me find and navigate my first real estate purchase.  I closed and moved into my new condo after a few months of search and am absolutely thrilled – I cannot recommend Matt highly enough!  

    Matt was patient, highly knowledgeable about Seattle (has lived here for many years and lived in several areas of the city), Seattle real estate, and the ins-and-outs of buying homes, and was incredibly flexible and accommodating in scheduling viewings.  Because I don’t have a car, I was completely dependent on Matt for transportation in my condo hunt — so we went on perhaps a dozen half-day long treks all across the city, and he was terrific about this.  He was patient with my changing my mind about offers and generous in giving detailed feedback and notes in reading through HOAs (which he has great expertise in reviewing) and contracts, pointing me in a good direction with lenders, helping set realistic expectations throughout the process, and basically guided me through every step of the way.  Going through the first home-buying process by myself, I felt tremendously grateful for his guidance.  He was professional and responded quickly whether by email or text.  Also important to me was the fact that he put absolutely no pressure on me and provided information in an even-handed, non-judgmental, manner, and was unfazed by several course-changes in what I was looking for.  Moreover, he is highly attentive to detail, so much so that on several occasions, a buyer’s agent commented on his eagle eye (e.g., counter height being ADA instead of standard height).  Bottom line – I can’t imagine having a more positive experience and recommend him without reservation to anyone looking to buy in this stressful market.  Thanks Matt!

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    Sold a single family home in 2016 for $725,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Tamar has been our real estate broker as a buyer once and a seller twice. Tamar is knowledgeable, understanding, honest, fun and extremely thorough. On our most recent transaction, we relocated before our home went on the market. We were confident from previous experience that Tamar would take care of everything and communicate throughout the process. We highly recommend Tamar!

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    Bought a condo in 2016 for $210,000 in Renton, WA.

    Adam recently helped us buy our first home; a beautiful condo in Renton. Turns out we didn’t know what we were doing, so luckily he was there for the whole process. After looking at a couple places we made an offer on this one, which we closed on 2 months ago despite other bidders and a string of bad luck on our part.

    Without Adam we never would have gotten this far, and certainly not with our sanity intact; I absolutely recommend him.

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    Bought a single family home in 2016 for $399,999 in Bothell, WA.

    Adam recently helped me buy a home in Bothell, WA. This was my first time buying a home, and Adam’s expertise and advice was invaluable. He was very patient and helpful, and maintained great communication throughout the entire process. The listing agent was not such a pleasure to work with. Among other things, she left the property strewn with junk, including some very large pieces. This was against the contract terms, but suing would have been a huge hassle. Instead, Adam volunteered to rent a truck and haul it off himself, including hauling off what seemed to be an old heating oil tank which must have weighed about 300 lbs. He went above and beyond. Can’t recommend him enough.

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    findwell agent: Chris Carr
    Bought a single family home in 2016 for $606,500 in Bellevue, WA.

    Chris Carr was our assigned agent and he did a fantastic job of finding out what we wanted and setting up a customized search for us. We would select properties to visit weekly (or sometimes faster) and he was very flexible about showing us them after hours and on weekends. He had a good sense for the value of houses and we saw several houses go by for the approximate value he stated. We lost two houses but moved aggressively on the third and finally succeeded. Chris gave us a significant discount towards the closing costs because of how fast we settled on a property. Overall, a great experience and I would highly recommend him.

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    Sold a single family home in 2016 for $401,000 in Bothell, WA.

    Tamar was a shining star in our entire moving process. She gave great advice about a few small things we could do and was able to sell our house for tens of thousands more than another agent we met with had suggested. For me, I thought selling the house would be the most stressful part of the process, but Tamar was incredible and we are very happy with the results. Highly recommended!