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  • Angie's List
    Bought a multi-family property in 2013 for $315,000 in Seattle, WA.

    We found an investment home we wanted to buy sort of by accident. I wanted to use a realtor to help us buy it, because there is a lot of benefit of going with a realtor rather than doing it alone. I asked around and saw that findwell is a company similar to redfin, in that they are based online and rebate some of the closing costs. But findwell is smaller, which I like, so we went with them. We were set up with Matt Martel. He was really great. We didn’t end up getting the first house we looked at, and he helped us to find another one. He was mostly helpful in the buying process… he walked us through every step, even came to the signing with us. He’s a landlord, too, so was able to give us a lot of extra information and resources, too. I liked him a lot, he’s very professional and friendly, and easy to talk with. I would definitely use him again for buying a home.

  • Angie's List

    It went well. The gentleman was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. He provided helpful feedback on our situation which we appreciated.

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    Bought a single family home in 2013 for $270,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Working with Matt Martel from Findwell was a wonderful experience, as first time home buyers we felt comfortable from the beginning. He was very patient and took the time to answer all of our questions without any hesitation. He was always flexible with scheduling and took the time to truly understand our needs.

    We made offers on two homes, our first was rejected (we lost out to all cash-who can blame them) but our second offer was accepted out of a total of 15 offers! Matt knew just what to do before hand and he worked diligently to make sure our offer was as attractive as possible.  He took the time to walk us thru the entire process and even attended our closing to help us out with any questions. As first time buyers I knew we would have to compromise on our wish list, but in the long run we ended up with a home that has everything we could have wanted and more.

    I would highly recommend working with Matt whether you are a savvy real estate expert or if it’s your first time out of the gate. He has a pleasant demeanor, and possesses an unrivaled knowledge that would be of great benefit to anyone in this highly competitive Seattle market.

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    Bought a single family home in 2013 for $474,586 in North Bend, WA.

    Working with Matt was wonderful! Being that this was the first time purchasing a new construction home, it was great to have such a knowledgeable agent at our side. Matt is very personable, easy to work with, and a caring individual as well.

    Matt was very prompt (and I have very high standards in this regard) and flexible throughout the entire process. He met with us near our workplace whenever we needed to meet & was always willing to flex his schedule so that he was with us every step of the way. He went above & beyond; even stomping up & down the stairs in the next door unit so that we could determine the level of noise that we might hear if we were to buy that particular home. He sent us detailed mails on what to expect during each step of the home-buying process and answered all our questions (some even proactively). Given the great financial benefits of as well, Matt was able to negotiate seller concessions on our behalf as well (which is rare in the real estate market in the Seattle metro area currently).

    I would recommend Matt to all my friends & family with the highest confidence that he would do an amazing job!

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    Bought a single family home in 2013 for $635,000 in Kirkland, WA.

    We recently bought a home in Kirkland and Michael Schafer from Findwell was our agent. We were first time home buyers and had a lot of questions. He was very patient with us throughout the process and was always available to answer our questions. The times when he was out of town, he hooked us up with another agent from the agency to make sure we did not miss on any homes.

    During home tours he offered us unbiased insight even if that meant us not going forward on the home. So we completely trusted his opinion and never felt being rushed into making a decision.

    Home closing process was extremely smooth with him as well. Most of the documents were available for e-signature and he was available 24×7 over email. Since both of us are working professionals, we especially appreciated this perk.

    We also went with the inspector and lender suggested by him and both turned out to be great.

    So all in all we were super happy that we had fired our previous agent and hired Michael instead :). We would be definitely using him for all of our future real estate needs and have already recommended him to a lot of our friends.

  • Yelp
    Bought a single family home in 2013 for $604,000 in Kirkland, WA.

    We just bought our first home with Findwell! These guys are simply great!

    First, a little bit about why I went with Findwell:

    If you are considering Redfin because they give you rebate, consider Findwell instead. Findwell takes the same model as Redfin and makes it even better. 1.5 yr back, I had to make a choice between the two. I met with Redfin agents, did tours with them but finally went with Findwell. Here is how I thought through it:
    – Redfin won’t provide you with one agent to work with always – there’ll be a team of people to work with. It’s painful to tour with different people every time as you end up explaining your criteria again and again and never form a personal touch..
    – Redfin agent’s are tied to localities – so if you want to look in Seattle and Kirkland both, you will end up working with different agents and their different teams.
    – Findwell gave me the same rebate + they gave me one point of contact (Lauren GeRoy) for my search across Seattle and Kirkland.

    In hindsight, that was a great decision!

    Now, a little bit about our agent: Lauren GeRoy

    Lauren was very patient with us throughout our 1.5 yrs of search, including more than 200 houses toured, multiple bidding wars, inspections and all that. She never pushed us to buy a home we were not sure off.. She always maintained that we need to be comfortable with the home we were buying, and even if it takes multiple years, it’s worth the wait.. Couple of times we backed out after mutual acceptance (mental/emotional demons!), but Lauren never showed her frustrations. Instead, she was supportive and helped us get out of the offer.

    Lauren is extremely professional. She’s always on time for tours, always responsive on emails, and extremely prompt to get documents in place. Couple of times when she was out, she made sure to arrange one of her colleagues to help us. All of them were brilliant, and treated us just the way they would have treated their own clients.

    Seriously, give these guys a try! They are probably the best out there!

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    Bought a single family home in 2013 for $545,000 in Issaquah, WA.

    As a first-time home buyer we had lot of doubts/questions and we for sure didn’t want our agent to be pushy. And Michael was exactly what we wanted. He made the entire process of home buying a very enjoyable and memorable experience. We can’t thank Michael enough for having been so patient with us and always keeping our best interests! We had been searching for over an year and was involved in a strong multiple offer situation. Michael worked very well to create the best possible offer from our side and got us our perfect home.

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    Sold a condo in 2013 for $385,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Findwell and namely Lauren GeRoy helped us in our special situation to reach out in today’s market and find a suitable buyer. We saw other positive reviews online and decided to try them out. We’re so happy we did.

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    Bought a single family home in 2013 for $455,758 in North Bend, WA.
    Sold a single family home in 2013 for $677,500 in Issaquah, WA.

    Lauren recently assisted us with the sale of our home and we could not be happier with the service she provided not to mention the incredible support during a very stressful process. When we received a full price offer on day #1, we were ready to accept it but with Lauren’s recommendation we waited a few more days and by then had multiple offers significantly above our asking price! We accepted the best offer only to have the buyers very unexpectedly back out TWO days before the scheduled closing.
    I was in full panic mode knowing we had already purchased another home and without the sale of our present home, we could not close on the new one. I was ready to call the whole thing off but again with Lauren’s incredible, unfailing support, we relisted and again sold for more than our asking price in just 3 short days. Lauren possess a unique combination of professionalism and warmth along with knowledge of the market and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you to Lauren and all the FINDWELL staff!

  • Yelp
    Bought a condo in 2013 for $342,600 in Redmond, WA.

    Matt Martel have been an excellent agent, we just closed the house yesterday, and I am super excited to be a first-time homeowner!! Definitely couldn’t have gotten this far without Matt’s help. Thanks Matt!!

    Matt used to work with builders before he became a real estate agent, so he knows contractors whom he can refer me. And because he worked with builders, he is also really knowledgable when it comes to explaining why some houses were built in a certain way.

    Matt is also very honest with me, he would point out flaws to me when he sees them, and he would provide me the pros/cons when I need to make a decision. I am really grateful for having Matt as my agent. He has been really patient with me, especially because it took me 5+ months before I landed on a house I like — partially due to the fact that the market was lacking in good supply of houses.

    Furthermore, Matt really helped me out while I was out of town for a week prior to closing. He helped me verify an inspection item was fixed properly, and he also helped me follow-up on appraisal issues. Matt also provided me carpool for the home tours, and he also reserved time with me weekly to tour houses. Best of all, Matt is easily reachable by e-mail or phone, and he typically responds them with good amount of details quickly.

    However, it seems to me that not all FindWell agents seem as attentive or as tech savvy (with e-mails or spreadsheets) as Matt. But again, I only had a short period of time where I got to worked with a few other FindWell agents; so I really cannot judge them accurately.

    All I can say is that Matt have been an awesome agent, and I totally recommend him to anyone else looking to buy a home. Thanks again Matt for all your help!

  • Zillow
    Bought a single family home in 2013 for $625,000 in Seattle, WA.

    We cannot recommend Michael Schafer of Findwell highly enough for his work during our recent home purchase. As first-time homebuyers amidst the unprecedentedly fierce Seattle real estate market, we had prepared ourselves for a worst-case-scenario year of heartbreak and failed offers. With Michael as our agent, however, that depressing year never came to pass. We bought the very first house we placed an offer on. Michael represented us so well that our offer prevailed against multiple others, some of which were higher than ours, in one of the hottest-selling neighborhoods in Seattle.

    Michael was incredibly responsive, quickly arranging tours and inspections and answered every single one of my question-laden emails with rocket speed. I honestly do not know when he sleeps or eats with all the attention he gives his clients. I know he has many of us, but I concur with his previous reviewers in that we genuinely felt like his only clients during the time we worked together.

    During the course of our transaction, I was so impressed when other people we worked with (loan officers, escrow assistant, inspector) all commented to me in an “off the record” manner that Michael was absolutely one of the best in the industry. He has a well-earned reputation among his peers and other colleagues in real estate for being truly wonderful to work with but still always representing his clients’ interests. We didn’t learn that aspect of his resume until after our offer was accepted, so feel incredibly fortunate to have hired him!

    Finally, although I could go on and on, the best testament to Michael’s ability as an agent is this email that the sellers of our house sent to Michael and us after reviewing all the offers and accepting ours (names removed to preserve anonymity):

    “It was definitely an interesting process . . . having agents come to our house and share the offers of their clients. We met cocky agents. Rude agents. Earnest agents and one that stood out 1,000% above each of them. And that was you. Another agent didn’t bother to come personally to represent their clients, nor even answered their telephone when we called with our final decision. It was all quite an education . . . Both [the listing agent and my husband] as well as myself were incredibly impressed with your sincere and genuine approach to representing your clients. You served them very well, and I would say that even had we not chosen their offer. . . your approach was so natural, professional and compelling, we all agreed after you left that there was much to learn . . . You were the first here and a hard act to have others follow! So I just wanted to compliment you on your style and approach and say that you definitely are in the right profession and either have a well-honed, or beautifully natural way of representing your clients. Or most likely both. It was a pleasure having you here and listening to your approach.”

    The sellers of our home summarized all of our feelings quite nicely: “We wanted to call the other buyers to tell them to fire their agents and hire Michael instead!”

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    Sold a single family home in 2013 for $389,000 in Bellevue, WA.

    My mom was having a difficult time selling her house. She had spoken with numerous real estate agents and they had all tried, in one way or another, to swindle her. Since I live on the East Coast, I couldn’t help her with this arduous task. I told her to call Findwell before she accepted anything less than ideal. Lauren GeRoy from Findwell met with my mom and helped her through the intense process of selling her house. My mom was so happy and thankful for all that Lauren did and I was extremely thankful because I knew that my mom’s best interest would be the top priority and I could rest easy knowing she was in the best hands possible. My mom had been trying to sell her house for the better part of a year. With Lauren’s help and expertise, it sold in a weekend. I highly recommend Lauren for any and all real estate issues.

  • Zillow
    Bought a single family home in 2013 for $420,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Lauren is an incredibly easy person to work with. She worked with me for over a year to find the house that best fit my needs. Most importantly, she listens to her clients. I never felt like I was at odds with her over what it was that I wanted versus what she was showing me. This is especially telling since this was my first home purchase. Her calm demeanor and professionalism made an inherently stressful process seem manageable and quite painless. She is also excellent at negotiation and showed tenacity when it came to getting the house that I had set my sights on. Overall, I’d strongly recommend Laura to my friends, colleagues, and anyone who is looking to make the move to home ownership.

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    Bought a single family home in 2013 for $319,800 in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

    Lauren GeRoy was an amazing real estate agent and I would recommend her to my close friends and family.  She was always available for all of our questions.  She showed us so many houses and worked around our schedules.  Buying a house can be a very stressful time and Lauren put our worries at ease.  Her knowledge and experience really was apparent.  We were in a bidding war and Lauren helped us get our dream house.  She negotiated with the seller so we got what we asked for.  Again, I would recommend Lauren because she was so wonderful to work with and really helped us during each step of the way.

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    Bought a single family home in 2013 for $319,800 in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

    Lauren was simply amazing to work with. She was responsive, honest, realistic, posed, calm, etc. etc. Basically everything we needed in a sales process that is inherently stressful. I have recommended Lauren to my own parents and can say in full confidence that she will do whatever is in her power to get you the home that you really want (we had a bidding war and we obviously won). Lauren also negotiated with the Seller and got them to agree to all of our demands.