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    Although we ended up purchasing a house directly from a seller, not through a broker, we had been working with Tamar Baber. Tamar quickly understood what our needs were and was most helpful in our hunt for a home. She was patient with us, we were first time buyers, but she also had a kind way of steering us in a wise direction. She is very respectful, courteous and professional.

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    Bought a single family home in 2016 for $550,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Matt helped me to buy my first home in an incredibly daunting seller’s market. If I had to do it again, I’m honestly not sure that I would, given how stressful it was, but I was glad to have Matt helping me through the year-long process. He has the patience of a saint. If not for his reassurances and gentle nudging, I probably still wouldn’t have a house.

    Most of the single family homes in my price range were older and had fairly major problems. I relied on Matt’s expertise and background in construction to understand the scope of the problems and how I should factor them into my offers.

    When it was clear that I was getting priced out of the Ballard/Phinney areas, Matt suggested looking in other neighborhoods. I ended up buying in a great part of West Seattle and was able to stay within my initial budget.

    I am happy to recommend Matt, especially to first-time home buyers in need of some extra hand-holding.

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    Bought a condo in 2016 for $318,000 in Bellvue, WA.

    We have Tamar’s Service to buy our home couple of weeks back. She is highly professional, very talented and organized in showing homes with my time schedules. She is cleary understands our budget and boundaries, helped to find a nice unit in a nice location.
    We are a first time home buyer in USA and we did not know where to start how to review the units, Market value etc. She helped us from the day one of our hunt to the closure. She has great negotiation skills to work with sellers to carve you out financial benefits.

    Very interestingly, she helped us to find out a right lender who gave the nice deal. Without any hesitation she showed us many units and the way she explain the details is truly awesome.

    We really appreciate her patience to answer our queries.

    We highly recommend Tamar to all our reference buyers , sellers and friends.

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    Bought a single family home in 2016 for $599,950 in Seattle, WA.

    Michael was our agent. We bought a new construction property. He was very patient throughout the process. He took the time to explain the buying procedure for new construction homes. He gave us the valuable suggestions while negotiating with builder. I think that definitely gave us better deal. Not only this, but Michael had been a good advisor in terms of suggesting us from where to buy the appliances etc. I think Michael is very honest and isn’t pushy. He gives his honest opinions and enables buyers to make the independent decisions. I think that is very important to me as a buyer. I would highly recommend Michael as an agent. We are planning to buy next home in few years and I would definitely hire Michael as our agent.

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    Bought a single family home in 2016 for $0 in Redmond, WA.

    Excellent service and professionalism by Tamar. Tamar was sincere and helpful from beginning to end. Just the type of person you need when looking for your first home. She was flexible with timings and availability when I requested to visit the property at the weekend. She gave us her honest view and which helped us taking informative decision. Would definitely recommend.

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    Bought a single family home in 2016 for $315,000 in Everett, WA.

    Future Buyers:
    As a first time buyer I really had no clue of where to start and what the important questions i needed answered before putting in a offer or deciding if a home was a good fit for me or not. At first I went with an agent I had never researched but I “thought” we had a connection. Before anything decide whether or not the agent has the best interest at heart for you whether its as a seller or a buyer. My first agent kept telling me I was going to lose the house and I needed to put an offer over asking with every home I had a glimpse interest in. I quickly realized I was going no where with her and found Tamar Baber after calling into her office to ask for a home. I met her at a home I was interested in and not only did she explain the home buying process crystal clear but she also pointed out things in the home that were good and bad. Tamar really knows what she’s doing and she is not PUSHY in anyway on buying the first home right away. When buying a home you want the realtor to be persistent and reachable. She would let me know if she was going to be unreachable for a couple of hours but she always found a way to communicate with me. I did see about 5 homes with Tamar and with every single one she gave me her honest opinion on my chances of getting the home in this high demand market and although it wasn’t always the best news to hear at least I wouldn’t get my hopes up on a house that was going to go past my price range. I actually only had to write 2 offers and the second offer was accepted because of Tamar’s excellent work. She knows how to make your offer competitive and that’s something that is key in the home buying process. She helped me though the whole process from beginning to end and even after the home closed. Tamar is a excellent real estate agent in short words. I recommend her to EVERYONE!

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    Bought a single family home in 2016 for $1,015,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Matt was patient with us through a year-long search for a new home in a hot market. He was knowledgeable about the area, informed on market pricing and guided us through a number of offers and finally a successful transaction. We would recommend Matt to anybody.

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    Bought a single family home in 2016 for $540,000 in Bothell, WA.

    As my husband and I are from another country where things are done differently, Michael was instrumental to our understanding of the America housing market. We relied heavily upon his advice and opinion, we really trusted him especially as he became familiar with our persona, likes, dislikes and needs. Michael always followed through with his promises and we found was always willing to go out of his way to show us a house. At times when I asked to see a house I may have had to have waited until the next day as he was already busy with other things, but usually I got him in the AM the following morning, but saying that we did get to see a lot of houses the same day I asked to see them which was so helpful as I am incredibly impatient 🙂 We asked a ton of questions and he was very happy to answer them every single time without hesitation, complaints and gave us very appropriate responses and explanations. I found the home we purchased, it just so happened to be the weekend Michael was out of town for a family event. We were able to quickly set up a viewing (then a second for my husband), then an inspection with other members of the Findwell team, they were super helpful and very quick to organise what I needed. Michael was at the house on the Monday for the house inspection where we asked his personal opinion on the house and he was on the same page as us, that we found a good one. We were always worried about paying to much as this housing market is just insane here, however as nervous as we were about what we offered, seeing the other offers at the end, we know Michael was spot on with what he advised us to do. We actually came in second, but the winners changed their minds so we were next in line and were incredibly happy about that. Yes we would use Michael again for sure, with him its like talking to your friend who is very qualified to give his advice, we were very comfortable with him (we actually left another company for Michael). I am very impatient and ask a lot of questions and he just took me in his stride, he was always calm and willing to offer his advice. If you want someone that is not intimidating, not a rich snob, but someone that will value you as a home buyer, then Michael is your guy! We also found that Michael was pretty spot on when it came to predicting how much a property would sell for, as I would check on redfin after the house closed out of curiosity

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    Bought a condo in 2015 for $565,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Michael Schafer from Findwell helped us successfully purchase an incredible Capitol Hill condo. He was patient, very flexible, and super quick to respond to our questions, even though as relatively uninformed buyers we had a lot to ask. He’s a personable, competent and confident guy and my wife and I felt comfortable with him immediately. He seemed very comfortable with us too- he’s obviously worked with lots of queer clients, which was important to us. We were prepared for a long search, but unexpectedly came across our dream home after viewing just a few others. Michael gave great advice as far as our offer went- he was very knowledgeable about what would make our offer stand out in an extremely challenging market. He helped us view the place several times, get it pre-inspected, get our mortgage details in order, put the offer together, and beat out three other offers, all in less than a week. The seller’s realtor complimented Michael’s work on the offer package, saying it was unusually detailed and that he was a pleasure for her to work with. This was my first home buying experience, and Michael made it as anxiety- free as possible.  I can’t recommend him and the rest of the team at Findwell enough!

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    Bought a single family home in 2016 for $579,950 in Seattle, WA.

    Mike definitely went above and beyond his job. 5 stars really isn’t enough to give it to him. We found Mike online just like the way we search for good restaurants on yelp. Mike was ranked number 1 with all the good positive reviews. But unlike yelp could be unreliable at times, Mike’s excellence is really solid and consistent. As first time home buyers, we really couldn’t be happier that we found Mike. Following are the things that I think Mike has been consistently exceeded:

    1. Expertise-we all know that the quickest way to know a person’s level of knowledge is by asking tons of questions (I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just what first home buyers do and me being myself). I couldn’t recall the specific questions that I’ve asked Mike but I was very impressed every time when I got the response from Mike. His expertise and timely response makes him really reliable.

    2. Timely communication – Mike has so many clients at hands but I was amazed by how he was still able to respond to my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. It’s not just about the deliver on time; it’s the accuracy of his response and the knowledge he has that really makes the whole home buying process smooth.

    3. Care – this is where I really think Mike went above and beyond. A month after closing, our light drop off from the ceiling. It was the item that was on the fix inspection list. I was a little bit worried this is so post-closing and they might not take care of it. Surprisingly and gladly, they did! Mike has been followed up the whole time! If we are rich enough to purchase a second house, Mike will definitely be our first choice! Thank you Mike!

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    Bought a single family home in 2016 for $434,158 in Seattle, WA.
    I just bought my first house and Tamar was great to work with. Very patient and knowledgeable, and she always had time for me when I had questions or concerns about the process. I’d highly recommend these folks.
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    Bought a condo in 2016 for $485,000 in Seattle, WA.

    I worked with Matt (from Findwell) to find my first home. I had originally toured a few homes way back in 2013, but we started out again in late Oct 2015. We might have toured over 25-30 homes in search of that perfect one.

    Matt is a wonderful person to work with. He is very flexible and willing to work around your schedule. He is very knowledgeable and is able to provide sound advice, especially for a first time home buyer like me.

    I’ll gladly work with Matt again and would recommend him to anyone looking for an awesome agent.

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $730,000 in Seattle, WA.

    I purchased my first home with Michael’s help and I couldn’t have been happier with the job he did. Throughout the entire process he was professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. He took my complete lack of real estate knowledge in stride and answered (honestly and candidly) every dumb question I could come up with. When I fell in love with terrible homes he was supportive but pointed out specific problems and explained potential points of concern; at no point did I feel any pressure to make an offer on a home that wasn’t perfect. I quickly came to trust his instincts – he’d come to completely different conclusions than me after looking at the same pictures but every time he ended up being right. He was always available when I would send him messages, more than once we toured potential homes less than a day from when I first saw the listing. In such a competitive market as Seattle this kind of availability was crucial. Once I was ready to make an offer Michael was invaluable in helping me prepare and schedule inspections. In less than four days he was able to put together a very competitive offer in time for the offer review date. He kept in constant communication with the selling agent and provided critical advice on improving my offer in the 11th hour that ended up winning the deal. Without his help I would not be currently living in my dream house. In addition to Michael Schafer every other Findwell employee I worked with was equally professional and knowledgeable.

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $404,950 in Snohomish, WA.

    Findwell & Mariesa went above and beyond to help us first time home buyers go through the, at times stressful, process. She constantly followed up on items and helped us stay on track, along with the bank and seller. We never had to worry that something was slipping through the cracks on her end.

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    findwell agent: Chris Carr
    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $775,500 in Woodinville, WA.

    We could not be happier with Findwell and our realtor Chris Carr, we had 1 week to house hunt since we were moving from out of state and he made sure to maximize our time while we were here. Not only did we find a house, but we found it on our 2nd day, and had the inspections done 2 days later, all within the week we were visiting, we were so lucky! A few months later we moved in and could not be happier with how everything went. He kept us well informed and answered all our questions and made the whole experience enjoyable to reflect on. Cannot recommend highly enough!!!More