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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $400,000 in Kenmore, WA.

    The experience with Findwell in finding our home, though lengthy, was very satisfying. Findwell, Matt Martel in particular, was very knowledgeable on all the intricacies of real estate transactions. They walked us through the entire process, even to signings that they were not required to attend. We reviewed several hundreds of homes and Matt was very accommodating on schedules to view the homes we wanted to see. Matt was very patient with us and we never felt pressured to buy any home. Matt just wanted us to find the home that made us excited and was going to be the home that was meant to be ours. We chose Findwell originally because of their philosophy on real estate transactions, they pay their representatives a salary and are not on commission. The result is no pressure to buy, no pressure to sell. They are more there for you rather than the commissioned transaction. Matt made the transactions with selling our home and buying the new one a pleasure. Two thumbs up to Findwell and Matt Martel!

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $330,000 in Seattle, WA.

    When my partner and I started the process of finding our first property to purchase, we wanted to work with an agent that was patient, experienced and honest above all else. Matt brought these key qualities and so much more to our house hunt. From the get-go, Matt’s warm personality and thoughtful approach put us at ease. He was very committed to understanding our top needs and wants in a home and developed a search strategy tailored for us. Each property Matt selected for us helped us hone in on the aspects of a home that we truly valued and Matt’s ability to listen to and incorporate our feedback into the search were key to us finding a number of strong contenders very quickly. Once we found the home we ultimately wanted to buy, Matt held our hands through the entire purchase process and masterfully helped us craft our winning bid at a fantastic price. Once the deal was closed and we had moved in, Matt was still dedicated to making sure we were safe and comfortable in our new home. We are so glad that we were able to work with Matt and cannot recommend him highly enough!

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $330,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Matt is just wonderful! I simply cannot say enough about how positive my experience was with Matt. Incredibly knowledgable, patient, easy to talk to and genuinely interested in helping me find the right home. I always felt at ease with Matt. He went out of his way to assist me throughout the entire home buying process and never made me feel pressured to make a decision – that was incredibly important to me as I was a first-time home buyer and very unsure of what to do. He understands the market well and helped me secure the right home at a time when it’s been so challenging for so many. I can truly say that Matt was not just a realtor, but a friend. Others would be wise to contact Matt. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $570,000 in Seattle, WA.

    My wife and I were extremely fortunate to have Michael as our buying agent. Getting into the hyper competitive Seattle housing market to buy our first home was an intimidating prospect. Michael expertly navigated us through every step, enabling us to find exactly what we were looking for, staying within our budget, and helping us to seal the deal with ease.
    With Michael, it was like we were visiting houses with a friend that just happened to really know his stuff about the Seattle real estate market. He always had our best interest in mind, including suggesting other options when he thought we could find a better match.
    Once we found the house we wanted, Michael worked magic with helping prepare the offer to make it as compelling as possible. It worked too, as we successfully beat out several competitors including an all cash offer that was prepared to escalate beyond our offering price (which was still well within the low end of our budget). I highly recommend Michael.

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $675,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Matt helped us, first time home buyers, navigate a competitive market by giving us excellent service and support as we moved fast on target properties. He connected us with exceptional inspection and mortgage professionals, was more interested in helping us than himself, and learned what was important to us by listening. I would use Matt to sell our house and would recommend him to friends looking for exceptional service in the age of internet listings.

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $499,900 in Maple Valley, WA.

    Lauren was amazing at helping us to find a great home within our price range in the crazy Seattle market. After we moved here from the East Coast, we were very unprepared and overwhelmed with the frantic pace and constant negotiations that characterize the Seattle housing market. Lauren’s experience and patience were amazing in explaining all the details to use. She was also great at helping us set our expectations and deal with our disappointments when houses flew of the market faster then we were able to see them . She was always available whenever we needed to talk and very flexible at meeting us short notice when a property we were interested in came onto the market. When it came time to put an offer in she was able to expertly negotiate and get us a very good deal (especially in such a seller’s market) both on price and repairs to the home. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to buy or sell in the Seattle market make Lauren your first and only call!

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    Bought a condo in 2015 for $405,000 in Seattle, WA.

    I find looking for a home a miserable process in general. However Lauren made it as enjoyable as I think it could be. Her professionalism, friendliness and responsiveness made her awesome to work with. I never felt pressured into doing anything i wasn’t 100% comfortable with.

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    Sold a single family home in 2015 for $610,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Although we sold our place in Queen Anne during a sellers market, the sale of our place was made difficult due to the fact that we were both living out of state and going through a divorce.
    Despite these complications Matt made our sale and closing go seamless. He took the lead on most everything and was receptive when we provided direction. He was also sensitive to the fact that we were in the middle a divorce and made it easy for both of us.
    We initially tried to sell the house FSBO. We engaged Matt when that deal fell through. Lucky for us because Matt got us 35K more than we would have sold it for.
    We both work in commercial real estate – as an attorney and loan closer – so we appreciate someone who knows how to get a deal done the right way. Matt did just that with our sale and we both would recommend his services.

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $613,500 in Woodinville, WA.

    Michael helped us buying a home in Woodinville and we had nothing but great experience. He was very patient while getting our needs and he was providing very honest opinion while touring the homes. He is also very prompt in response and answering questions with home buying process. Overall, he is an awesome realtor to work with.

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $1,015,000 in Seattle, WA.

    When my husband and I mentioned to our friend group that we were looking for a realtor, we got a handful of referrals. It seems like everyone ‘Knows a guy.’ We scoured reviews of the names we were given and also the companies for which they worked. There’s a reason people love Findwell and there’s a reason Michael Schafer is the most highly reviewed.

    Michael is down to earth and approachable. He was patient with the ignorance that we, as first time home buyers, brought to the table and explained everything we asked in as much detail as we required. He was never pushy.

    There were a few times that my husband and I looked at houses that we thought were solid. Though Michael made it clear this was our decision and he’d support us in whatever choice we made, he also pointed out in more than one instance that the houses we thought were good were over priced. While many Realtors would probably jump at the chance to get a good deal and move on with other clients, Michael always did extensive comps and research and gave us an educated opinion. Because of his extensive knowledge and honesty, we completely trusted Michael when we did find “The One” and he gave it the thumbs up.

    There are a LOT of Realtors in Seattle and from viewing lots and lots of houses, I got the chance to see quite a few in the field. Sometimes when multiple couples are viewing a house at once things can get a little competitive. I saw another Realtor be VERY rude to Michael. Though he could have snapped or been sassy back to this guy, Michael kept his cool and was diligently professional– but, of course, firm. We still got to view the house we wanted 🙂

    The day we made the offer, there was another potential buyer doing a pre inspect at the same time we were. It was, of course, nerve wrecking to size up the competition but that’s just how the Seattle market is. Our sewer scope revealed a small root in the sewer line– not a deal breaker, but an expense we’d have to factor in eventually. The man doing the other couple’s sewer scope didn’t seem to notice what ours did. Don’t know how that happens, but whatever. They did have the advantage of knowing that we all went outside and were standing on the spot the root was, so they had a clue that ours revealed something of interest. Because they didn’t seem to care if we were within earshot, we overheard the other sewer scope inspector sharing the scope results with the other couple and their Realtor. They had all seen my group go outside and stand over where the root was, and the other couple was asking what we were looking at. Their sewer scope person said it must have been some sediment. Their realtor gushed “great! That’s a cheap, easy fix! Phew!” It just seemed very revealing to me to see how that Realtor only heard the news she wanted to, and quickly brushed over a potential red flag in the home. It is clear she was hoping to get her commission and move on, preying on the ignorance of her buyer. I’m glad we chose Michael, because he’d never do that.

    When it came down to the actual offer, Michael and his team had it down to a science. There are SO many factors at play (should we offer face value or more? How much more? How much is it really worth to us? Should we have an escalator? If so, how much?) Michael had informed suggestions on what to do in each instance. Now, I’d assume that the actual document that the Realtor prepares doesn’t matter much and the biggest factor is the offer price. While I’m positive that’s mostly true, I do want to point out that the Listing agent specifically mentioned that Michael’s offer was well written. Perhaps they say that to everyone, but I doubt it. Something Michael did made our offer stand out– maybe he was more thorough or professional. Maybe he was just nicer and less sleazy. He did something right –and our lender, of course. They worked as an amazing team. Our offer beat out another pre inspected CASH offer at the end of the day. We got our dream house thanks to every “T” being crossed and “I” dotted.

    So I highly recommend entrusting Michael with the biggest financial decision of your life. He won’t disappoint. Thank you Michael!!

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    findwell agent: Chris Carr
    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $645,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Chris is an extremely knowledgable and patient agent and helped us navigate the crazy seattle real estate market with our best interests in mind. He was like our personal advisor and went out of his way to research homes that would fit our criteria and budget, prepared comparable market pricing analysis and gave us valuable advice to help us buy a home in an extremely competitive market. Chris was always extremely responsive, thorough, and prepared multiple offers for us in a short amount of time. It took us about 6 months to find a home, Chris was very patient and kept us positive during our search and showed us dozens of homes. He also coordinated home inspections for us, reviewed the findings and provided us good advice. He has an in depth understanding of the legal terms & conditions within each contract and educated us on the whole process from submitting an offer, loan application and closing through escrow. I recommend Chris to anyone who is looking for a full service, personal approach to the home buying process without the high pressure of other companies.

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $630,000 in Seattle, WA.
    Sold a single family home in 2015 for $420,200 in Kirkland, WA.

    We worked with Michael in 2014/2015 to buy and sell our home. He is very approachable and friendly, and we felt comfortable with him right away. Michael knew the market extremely well and gave us invaluable advice about the timing of bulling/selling. We made a quick decision that we wanted to place an offer on a home, and he worked quickly to put together a very competitive offer while on vacation with his family. We were exchanging emails and texts into the late hours of the evening! There were competing offers and ours was accepted and well-within our budget (we got a steal!). When it came to selling our home, he gave us good advice about how to get it ready (what we needed to do, what we didn’t need to do) and we found ourselves reviewing 12 offers on our house a few days after placing it on the market. We accepted an offer well above asking price and he worked to make sure we understood why certain offers better than others.

    We had the best possible experience with buying/selling our home and Michael was a huge part of that. He is professional, responsible, responsive, and a great guy. It was a pleasure working with him!

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $601,002 in Redmond, WA.

    Lauren is a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive and helped us discover and review a nice amount of properties and close on the one we wanted.

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    First off, Lauren was amazingly helpful. I live in NY but will be moving to Seattle and have been looking for condos/co-ops. I can’t emphasize enough just how helpful Lauren has been during this process. She replies to emails/calls/texts promptly, is extremely friendly, knowledgeable of the various areas in Seattle, of the buying process and goes out of her way to help a client. For example, when I inquired about a particular property, Lauren decided to go the extra mile and not only call the listing agent to get more info, but she went the property to check it out for me. I didn’t ask her to, but she decided to do that for me. Also have to note her honesty (that’s what won me over especially). She was upfront in disclosing the pros and potential cons of particular properties. It’s indicative of her genuine interest in helping guide the client in the right direction and not in just making a quick sale. I just placed an offer today (with her help of course). Waiting to hear back from the seller. If they don’t accept (due to this hot RE market. Sheesh), I’m gonna keep looking knowing that Lauren will continue be invaluable during the process and that she has my back! haha. Thanks Lauren!

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    Bought a condo in 2015 for $390,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Matt took my wife and I exploring houses throughout Seattle for what seemed like endless weekends! He was incredibly responsive throughout the entire process – new listings, follow-ups on offers made, strategy for getting our dream home. In the end we looked at 75+ houses – Matt displayed extreme patience for us first time home-buyers, and was very helpful in the entire process.

    We were especially impressed with his knowledge of the various neighborhoods throughout the Seattle area. He provided several recommendations on places to look that he thought would meet our interests. At the same time, he clearly kept our well-being and investment in the forefront of his mind – not just looking to get a deal closed.

    In Seattle’s crazy real estate market, it is very helpful to have someone like Matt on your team. He helped guide us through the offer process as good ones came (and went) – relentless in his pursuit for what would make us happy.

    The variety of listings and neighborhoods helped narrow down the definition of our dream home – and we are very happy with where we ended up!

    Would (and have) recommended Matt to anyone looking for a house in the Seattle area.