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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $601,002 in Redmond, WA.

    Lauren is a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive and helped us discover and review a nice amount of properties and close on the one we wanted.

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $630,000 in Seattle, WA.
    Sold a single family home in 2015 for $420,200 in Kirkland, WA.

    We worked with Michael in 2014/2015 to buy and sell our home. He is very approachable and friendly, and we felt comfortable with him right away. Michael knew the market extremely well and gave us invaluable advice about the timing of bulling/selling. We made a quick decision that we wanted to place an offer on a home, and he worked quickly to put together a very competitive offer while on vacation with his family. We were exchanging emails and texts into the late hours of the evening! There were competing offers and ours was accepted and well-within our budget (we got a steal!). When it came to selling our home, he gave us good advice about how to get it ready (what we needed to do, what we didn’t need to do) and we found ourselves reviewing 12 offers on our house a few days after placing it on the market. We accepted an offer well above asking price and he worked to make sure we understood why certain offers better than others.

    We had the best possible experience with buying/selling our home and Michael was a huge part of that. He is professional, responsible, responsive, and a great guy. It was a pleasure working with him!

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    First off, Lauren was amazingly helpful. I live in NY but will be moving to Seattle and have been looking for condos/co-ops. I can’t emphasize enough just how helpful Lauren has been during this process. She replies to emails/calls/texts promptly, is extremely friendly, knowledgeable of the various areas in Seattle, of the buying process and goes out of her way to help a client. For example, when I inquired about a particular property, Lauren decided to go the extra mile and not only call the listing agent to get more info, but she went the property to check it out for me. I didn’t ask her to, but she decided to do that for me. Also have to note her honesty (that’s what won me over especially). She was upfront in disclosing the pros and potential cons of particular properties. It’s indicative of her genuine interest in helping guide the client in the right direction and not in just making a quick sale. I just placed an offer today (with her help of course). Waiting to hear back from the seller. If they don’t accept (due to this hot RE market. Sheesh), I’m gonna keep looking knowing that Lauren will continue be invaluable during the process and that she has my back! haha. Thanks Lauren!

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    Bought a condo in 2015 for $390,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Matt took my wife and I exploring houses throughout Seattle for what seemed like endless weekends! He was incredibly responsive throughout the entire process – new listings, follow-ups on offers made, strategy for getting our dream home. In the end we looked at 75+ houses – Matt displayed extreme patience for us first time home-buyers, and was very helpful in the entire process.

    We were especially impressed with his knowledge of the various neighborhoods throughout the Seattle area. He provided several recommendations on places to look that he thought would meet our interests. At the same time, he clearly kept our well-being and investment in the forefront of his mind – not just looking to get a deal closed.

    In Seattle’s crazy real estate market, it is very helpful to have someone like Matt on your team. He helped guide us through the offer process as good ones came (and went) – relentless in his pursuit for what would make us happy.

    The variety of listings and neighborhoods helped narrow down the definition of our dream home – and we are very happy with where we ended up!

    Would (and have) recommended Matt to anyone looking for a house in the Seattle area.

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    Bought a condo in 2015 for $365,000 in Seattle, WA.

    We were looking for a condo for our daughter in Seattle. We live in the SF area and were not able to be there. Michael worked with our daughter and was always available to us by phone or email. We made three offers before finally closing on the fourth property. Michael stayed with us through the month long process. He was easy to work with, very knowledgeable and thorough, and helpful in understanding the real estate market. We couldn’t have made this happen without his help. He is highly professional and a joy to work with. We have bought several properties in the past and worked with many agents. There is none better than Michael! We give him the highest rating

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $615,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Truly a great experience buying our first home with Findwell. When choosing a real estate company, we asked several friends who recently bought homes about their experiences and if they would recommend their realtors. Stories of pushy salesman-like relators steered us towards Findwell- and I’m so happy we found them.

    Our relator Lauren went above and beyond our expectations. Lauren always made us feel like we were her top priority, was quick to respond to emails, and clearly brought a wealth of knowledge to the process. She even helped us negotiate under asking – unheard of in Seattle today!!

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $980,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Matt was such a delight to work with. He really got to know us and got a sense of what we were looking for in a new home, almost as we were honing that sense ourselves! In fact, just when my husband and I were talking seriously about putting an offer on a “close enough” house, Matt took us immediately to see a new house that had only been listed an hour before. He guided us through a (successful) bidding war, a sticky financing with a delay, and got us into our dream home in what must be near-record time. I was almost sad on our day of closing because it meant we wouldn’t be working with him anymore! I can’t recommend Matt highly enough.

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $340,000 in Seattle, WA.

    We were first time home buyers and Matt made the process less scary and was good at explaining how it all worked. During the inspection period Matt went to the full inspection with us and even went to our additional inspections for us when we weren’t able to go because of work. He was a great help and I’d use him again in the future!

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    Sold a single family home in 2015 for $700,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Working with Tamar was amazing. She gets things done in a quick and efficient way. She was very personable and easy to work with. You can tell she has a lot of experience in this field because she handled my situation with ease (which I thought would be difficult). The Findwell office was very centrally located  and was very clean. I totally recommend Tamar.

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    Tamar is great! She is very helpful and responsive. She put my needs first and seek best interest for me. I would recommend her to anybody who wants to buy/sell the house and I will definitely choose her again!!

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    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $277,500 in Seattle, WA.

    I met Tamar in July, 2014. I was considering buying a place in Seattle or surrounding area. I was a walk in, and I’m sure like all business’s the sales person get’s more walk in’s or as I’ve heard them called “Tire Kickers.” I ended up leaving empty handed and I had Tamar working for a solid week before I told her maybe later, not now.

    I went back to Seattle Dec. 26th and called Tamar to “do it again” She was immediately in action, and after a week, I left Seattle telling Tamar to keep a look out and send me anything interesting. By Jan. 18th/15 she located exactly what I was looking for. She submitted a bid, on my behalf and I ended up paying less than my original offer, because of the inspector Tamar hired. He found enough things to get an extra 3 % off price.

    So I bought the place sight unseen because I trusted Tamar. If I didn’t trust her I would not have gone back to her, after the first day.
    I closed on Feb. 28th(Paid. for it), flew out March 5th and wow am I happy with every aspect of this deal.

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    Sold a single family home in 2014 for $175,000 in Des Moines, WA.

    Forgive my late review – I have been sitting on like 10 reviews that I just never seem to get around to writing.  In the case of Findwell, it is because it’s honestly difficult to put into words just how great of a company they really are (and that’s saying something for me, because I am constantly talking.  Like all the time.  Go look at some of my other reviews if you don’t believe me.)

    My husband and I purchased our home through Findwell with Michael Schafer back in 2011 (we’re still sitting cozy in it, happy as clams at high tide (as us Pacific Northwesterners like to say :D)).  You can still find that review if you scroll back far enough.  I would have given Findwell and Michael 10 stars if Yelp would have let me – so it’s no surprise that when my aging mother recently decided to sell her 2 story, 1700 square foot home that I once again called Findwell to see if they could help.

    My mother’s home was not in good condition (this is a gross understatement – the furnace didn’t work, all of the carpet had to come out, everything had to be painted, plumbing issues, the backyard was a mess, siding was collapsing, etc. etc. etc.  Pretty much everything that could be bad and wrong with a house was happening (or had already happened) to this house).  Michael came out, assessed it and was completely honest about its value (“it needs a lot of work”) and potential buyers (“you’re going to want to target people who flip or do rehab work”).  He was, once again, professional and polite and honest – difficult traits to find in people period, forget about your real estate agent.  He advised that cleaning the house of its clutter would probably be the best thing we could do to up its value, so after we spent some time doing that Michael returned and was able to provide a reasonable researched price point, along with a professional photographer.

    The house sold quickly without any problems (well, not any problems I ever heard about anyway), and I have no doubt in my mind this is because of Mike and his hard work.

    Once again, Michael provided outstanding customer service and professionalism and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY (HIGHLY…okay you probably get the point by now) recommend this company.  I seriously cannot recommend them enough – I’ve had the unusual experience of being on both sides of the coin (buying and selling) within a span of just 3 years and I can truly say they are just fantastic at everything. Far and away, the best bang for your buck when it comes to buying or selling a home.

    TL;DR: Please don’t change, Findwell!  I love you.

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    Bought a single family home in 2014 for $463,500 in Seattle, WA.

    It’s been 3 months since my fiance and I moved and settled into our new home and we’re finally getting around to writing a review for Casey. Casey and his team were professional, responsive, and incredibly helpful throughout our home buying process, definitely a 5 star experience!

    We were referred to Casey by our Findwell real estate agent Lauren GeRoy. After investigating several alternatives, Casey and Cobalt Mortgage (now Caliber Home Loans) were clearly the best option for a mortgage. His team was the most responsive and professional – they also gave us the most options.

    We first applied for pre-approval through the Cobalt website and received a call from Casey within a day of applying. His staff were quick to answer questions and got back to us with a pre-approval in a few days. Casey also arranged a face-to-face meeting within the first week or two of our home search. This meeting was especially helpful because he presented and explained a wide variety of mortgage options – he also computed and printed out the numbers (e.g., mortgage rates, monthly payments) for 4 or 5 theoretical situations that were likely for us. It was also great to meet Casey in person, he has a warm and down-to-earth but professional manner that really put us at ease.

    We made 2 offers within the first couple months of our search for a house in the Beacon Hill, Mt Baker, Columbia City, and Seward Park neighborhoods of Seattle. Our offer on the first house came in second in a bidding war with 12 competing offers – but we got the second house which is perfect, really our dream home! For each offer we made, Casey went out of his way to actually call the selling agent to personally communicate that we were strong buyers – we really appreciated this given the stiff competition. He was also able to give us an excellent rate and we closed within about 20 days, we’re very happy with the way things have worked out.

    Casey has kept in contact since we closed (he actually sent us a congratulatory box with wine and chocolate!) and we feel well taken care of. Cobalt’s recent acquisition by Calibur Home Loans has also meant that we now have even better web-based tools for reviewing and managing our loan online. Overall we’re really happy with the service we continue to receive and would recommend Casey Oiness to anyone.

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    Bought a single family home in 2014 for $284,000 in Shoreline, WA.

    Michael recently helped me and my partner purchase our first home. He was extremely patient working with two new homebuyers who only had a basic idea of what they wanted. We truly appreciated that he took the time to get to know us as people and never made any assumptions regarding the type of home that would be best for us. He encouraged us to look at all options and set us up with program that showed us all single-family homes, townhouses, and condos that were within our price range and in our preferred geographic areas. Michael’s process to homebuying was exceptionally convenient for us, and we never felt as if we were missing out on any homes.

    One of our huge concerns was being “priced out” of the area we wanted. We had talked with another agent who heard our budget and he immediately told us we needed to think about looking even farther outside our ideal locations before even looking to see what was currently available. Michael, on the other hand, didn’t balk and ultimately helped us find a home in a location well within one of the neighborhoods we liked. In fact, every single condo, townhouse, and single-family residence we looked at with him was within the general area in which we were interested. He was knowledgeable about the current housing market and knew how much home we could get for our money in the locations we preferred. We came to the process knowing that potential homebuyers don’t always realize what they can realistically purchase, but in this case Michael’s knowledge of the area, the market, and his negotiation skills got us what we wanted.

    Another great thing about working with Michael was his willingness to share his knowledge with us. If he saw something that would likely need replacing, or could be an issue he would point it out without being negative about the whole place in general. He would instead put it in terms like, “we might be able to negotiate the price down,” or “we can ask that it be fixed.” We always felt as if we left a viewing with options. We highly recommend working with Michael.

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    findwell agent: Chris Carr
    Bought a single family home in 2015 for $657,000 in Seattle, WA.

    Chris has been awesome in our house buying process. We are first time buyers and he answered all our questions in a super timely fashion, giving us insightful advice. His expertise makes him very knowledgeable in all aspects of the process, from quality of houses to legal aspects of the transaction. We are recommending him to all our friends that are looking to buy or sell a house.