Here are some of the myths that real estate agents will use to try and win your business.


There has never been a better time to buy
This is the favorite phrase of Realtors who want you to buy today so they can earn their commission. Regardless of market conditions, the only right time to buy a home is when it is right for you.


I am the neighborhood expert
Many agents falsely claim to be an expert in your neighborhood. A quick look at their transaction history will show you they never do any business in your area or maybe anywhere. findwell agents sell way more homes than a typical real estate agent and have actual experience.


I can sell your home for $50k more than everyone else
Many agents overpromise on price to get you to list with them. They know that they can work your price down over time once they’ve got the listing. The market will ultimately determine the final value of your house, not your listing agent. We’ll give you an honest assessment of what we think it will take to get your home sold.


I have buyers for your house
If they had a legitimate buyer for your house, they would give you an offer, rather than try to list your house. We work with lots of buyers at any given moment. Whether we’ve got one that matches perfectly when you are ready to sell is a matter of chance. Our job is to make sure your home looks its best and to market it like crazy to buyers and their agents.


I have access to more listings
There used to be a day when agents had access to a secret source of listings. In the age of internet listings, you are looking at the same database of homes that your agent is. Occasionally agents will know about upcoming listings, but those are always going to hit the market to maximize exposure and competition. Our goal is to get you out to see new listings as fast as possible.