Mapping Seattle’s Noise Complaints

By Jennifer Riner of Trulia Dealing with irritating or unreasonably loud neighbors is tricky. On one hand, individuals have the right to enjoy their properties as they please – right? But whether you’re renting or buying, tenants and owners have the right to a quiet night’s rest. In Seattle, and as holds true for many …  Read More 

Learn about developments in your neighborhood with Seattle DPD’s new interactive map application

Have you ever driven down the street in your neighborhood, see construction going on, and wanted to learn more about it? The Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) just made it really easy to access this type of information with their new online map application, “Shaping Seattle: Buildings.” This new mobile-friendly map was designed with the intent of …  Read More 

First-Time Buyers Are Overcoming Their Down Payment Struggle

By Satinder Haer The millennial generation is struggling to break into the housing market. Millennials, those between 23- and 34-years-old, are poised to be the next big wave of home buyers. However, many are coming up short on the necessary cash for a down payment due to high rental prices. Undeterred, millennial and first-time buyers …  Read More 

Make an Offer

You can also call or visit findwell at our Seattle office. We are located in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, just a few blocks west of Lake Union. Email [email protected] Phone 206-462-6200 Fax 206-462-6300 Address findwell 920 Dexter Ave N Seattle, WA 98109 map/directions  Read More 

Buy and Sell Real Estate With a findwell Agent

A findwell agent’s goal is to provide excellent customer service and unbiased advice, ensuring that you have made the right decision when you choose to work with us. The best way to learn about our services is to hear the great things that our customers have to say. Our agents are great communicators who are …  Read More 

How many home owners in Seattle are underwater?

The housing downturn left a lot of home owners underwater on their mortgages. Their home values declined below what they owe on their mortgages, making it difficult to sell the home unless they have access to extra cash to payoff their mortgage. Zillow tracks negative equity across the US by looking at estimated home values …  Read More 

Will the seller clean the home prior to closing?

The vast majority of home buyers are purchasing a house that has been lived in. In many of those transactions, the home is occupied when the offer is accepted, and the sellers don’t move out until the end of the process, which is ~1 month later. As you might guess, many buyers have angst about …  Read More