There are many factors that go into deciding to sell your home. Is the timing right? How do you maximize the sales price? How can you make your home more attractive to buyers? A findwell real estate agent can help you sell your home. The typical selling process will look something like this:

  • Pricing

    findwell will visit your home and discuss the sales strategy — What are the top selling points? How does the home compare to the neighbors? What checklist of items needs to happen to get the house on the market? From there, findwell will prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) — providing research and recommendations on the pricing plan. In today’s market, it is important to get the price right so that the home sells quickly. Our agents will also help determine if including property like a TV, hot tub or furniture can add value to your sale.

  • Marketing

    Once the listing agreement is in place, findwell will go to work to market the property. The house will be instantly listed with the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so that it is visible to anyone searching for homes in the area on popular sites like Windermere, John L. Scott and Redfin. We will also maximize exposure by listing on sites like Zillow, Trulia, Google, bing and more. We will pay for a professional photographer to take shots of the home and make it look its best. (You won’t believe how good your home will look in these photos!) We will also produce flyers that will be available at the property and online. We will post “for sale” signs and host an initial open house to introduce the home to brokers and neighbors.

  • Real Estate Logos
  • Feedback is Key

    Unlike other agents, we are proactive about seeking feedback from selling agents and their buyers. You will access this feedback online through a “feedback dashboard” so you can see what buyers and agents are saying about your home in real-time. Along the way, we’ll provide weekly status updates that include agent feedback, property viewing statistics, online views and neighborhood activity. Using all of this data, we can very effectively gauge if any changes are needed (to the property or the price) to encourage a sale. We are ultra-prompt when responding to selling agent and buyer inquiries and will make every effort to maximize the number of buyers who visit your home in person.

  • Receiving an Offer

    Receiving an offer can be exciting and nerve-racking, particularly in today’s market. We’ll help you make the most of any offer, whether it is a low offer or a competing bid. We strive to make the process simple and will work on your behalf to negotiate the best possible terms and sale price. findwell now also offers e-signatures – allowing you to sign paperwork from any computer, anywhere.

  • Closing

    Once your offer is accepted, we will help you to negotiate your response to the buyer’s inspection, will help you to stay on top of the buyer’s financing status, and make sure all legalities and paperwork are handled to ensure a smooth and timely closing. If something goes wrong with your buyer or the sale, our agents are creative negotiators that are experts at bringing things back on track.