If you are thinking about selling your home, it’s worth having an in-home pricing analysis performed by a findwell agent. Online data and statistics provide a good starting point for your home’s value, but every home is unique. While some agents will try to avoid this step by doing online research, there is no substitute for an in-person evaluation of your home for determining the accurate market value.

This is a free, no obligation service that will get you started in the right direction. The process includes:

  • In-home meeting with a findwell agent

    • Agent will evaluate the interior condition and finish level of the home.
    • Be sure to point out any improvements you have made since you purchased the home.
    • Providing maintenance history for major systems like the roof, furnace, siding, etc. is helpful.
  • Your agent will research homes that have recently sold or are for sale in your neighborhood

    • In-person visits to comparable homes along with sales and market data are combined to hone in on a price.
    • How much have similar properties sold for recently? What sort of competition is currently for sale in your neighborhood?
  • Complete report with an objective, data-driven pricing recommendation based on your unique objectives

    • Accurate and realistic pricing is the single-most important factor in a successful home sale.
  • Advice on preparing the home for sale

    • Our agents will offer advice on improvements and repairs you can make to optimize your sale price.
    • Help prioritize what is essential for marketing the home and which projects will show a return on investment.
    • Does that hot tub, flat-panel TV or furniture increase the value of your house? Our agents can help you answer that question.
  • Sell Your Home

    Selling your home is your decision, not ours. We’ll never pressure you to list, and you can sell the home when the timing is right for you.